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Atomic Number
Atomic Weight
Density (20oC) 11.34 g/cm3
Melting Point
600.55 K(327.4o C)
Boiling Point
2023.15 K (1750o C)
Coefficient of linear thermal expansion(20oC-100oC mean) 29.3 x 10-6/k
Thermal conductivity(near 20oC) 34.66 W/m K
Specific Heat (20oC) 129.8 J/kg K
Latent heat of fusion 26204 J/kg
Lattice constant "a" 4.9395 kX-units*
Closest approach of atmos 3.493 kX-units*
* 1kX-units = 1002.02 Angstroms
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