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Lead Wool, a form of caulking lead, is long, fine strands of chemical grade lead which is twisted into 5/8” rope for use in various applications and is available in 50 kgs bags.

The lead wool is used to seal flanged connections, cast iron, cement and earthenware pipes, and apertures of walls and ceilings. It is ideal for filling openings where sheet, plate, or brick are not suitable and is positively the best way to fill crevices.It is more convenient to use lead

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wool than molten lead for caulking purposes because it requires no heating or pouring. Very good ductility of lead ensures fast and easy filling and sealing of small slots too. It is also convenient for anti-radiation protection. The lead resistance to aggressive environment is a warranty of long-term durability of seal.

Lead wool is made by scratching fine strands from the surface of a lead disc. It is used for the caulking of joints in large pipes e.g. gas mains and in some specialist batteries

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