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Manufacturing Chemical & Antimonial Lead Pipes as per client specification. We can Manufacture upto min 10mm ID and max 200mm ID.These lead pipes are suitable for Water, Soil Waste, Ventilating, Gas Purpose, Telephones, Telegraph, Under ground works, Acids & Chemicals. They are highly corrosion resistant.

Seamless pipe made from lead and lead alloys is readily fabricated by extrusion. Due to it's
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corrosion resistant and flexibility they are still used for carriage of corrosive chemicals at chemical plants. Pipe for these applications is made from either chemical lead or 6% antimonial lead. Also lead pipe of appropriate composition is still extruded for cutting into short length 'sleeves' for use in the jointing of lead sheathed cables. For detail size catalog email us at 500即使比分 私彩老|平台
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