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  • With years of experience we have developed what we feel are very efficient shapes and sizes
  • Great for custom chrome plating
  • Solid - square or round, we will manufacture it for you
  • All hooks are copper since it is the best conductor
  • Send us your drawings and we will produce to your specifications
  • Any size any shape
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  • All hooks are Plasticol coated for protection from the solutions and handling
  • We also manufacture Lead Grids for certain applications
  • Send us your anodes for repairs or modifications
Anodes made of lead alloys are used in the electrowinning and plating of metals such as manganese, copper, nickel, and zinc. Rolled lead-calcium-tin and lead-silver alloys are the preferred anode materials in these applications, because of their high resistance to corrosion in the sulfuric acid used in electrolytic solutions. Lead anodes also have high resistance to corrosion by seawater, making them economical to use in systems for the cathodic protection of ships and offshore rigs.
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