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A history of commitment, efficiency and single-minded determination to serve our clients with utmost loyalty is what distinguishes H.M.S Metal Corporation (HMS Metal) as one of the most reliable Manufactured Lead Products in this region. HMS Metal has equipment, experience and capability to undertake manufacture of custom lead product as per client specification, drawing or sample to meet the most demanding industry lead requirements.We specialize in creating custom lead works and virtually any type of manufactured lead prodcut. Our manufacturing facilty is streamlined to quickly convert your idea into a finished product.Suncess has been achieved through structured investment in both technology and people and the company is committed to supllying quality lead product to its customers around the globe.
Properties of Lead
Applications of Lead
Industries we Serve
Exporter manufacturer of Lead Sheet, Pure Lead Metal Sheets, Lead Alloy metal sheet, Pure Lead Sheet, Chemical Lead Sheet, Antimonial Lead Sheet, Calcium Lead Sheet is manufactured in our Lead Sheet Plant  Lead pipes, Lead pipe, Lead Shielding, Lead pipe Manufacturer, Lead pipe Manufacturers, Lead pipes For X-Ray Room, pipe Lead  Lead Anodes, Lead Anode, Lead Shielding, Lead Anode Manufacturer, Lead Anode Manufacturers, Lead Anodes For X-Ray Room, Anode Lead Lead Bricks, Lead Brick, Lead Shielding, Lead Brick Manufacturer, Lead Brick Manufacturers, Lead Bricks For X-Ray Room, Brick Lead
Lead Wires, Lead Wire, Lead Shielding, Lead Wire Manufacturer, Lead Wire Manufacturers, Lead Wires For X-Ray Room, Wire Lead  Lead Wools, Lead Wool, Lead Shielding, Lead Wool Manufacturer, Lead Wool Manufacturers, Lead Wools For X-Ray Room, Wool Lead Lead Strips, Lead Strip, Lead Shielding, Lead Strip Manufacturer, Lead Strip Manufacturers, Lead Strips For X-Ray Room, Strip Lead Lead Sinkers, Lead Sinker, Lead Shielding, Lead Sinker Manufacturer, Lead Sinker Manufacturers, Lead Sinkers For X-Ray Room, Sinker Lead
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